“The Art of Ignoring”

“What a day it has been!”, hopefully the last few words out of my mouth for the day and powerful enough to send mixed signals to the listener. Let me cut the conundrum and admit that it was an amazing day, not because the tide of life was so benevolent to me but rather I continued to sail with positive vibes in an ocean that’s constantly trying to drown you with hate, jealousy, pain, broken trust and many surprises that will clog your happiness. Don’t be surprised if you have been a victim of the above mentioned but if you had let those influence your happiness then there’s something to introspect and I wish to concentrate my time on a simple gerund, Ignoring .

“Ignore” Is not merely a six letter word but rather a sixth sense virtue which would unlock the treasure of happiness. The world is no short of naysayers for whom any act of outsmarting or outwitting means war, but do you want drive your life on their fuel? If not, then there is no logical reason as to why you got to take them seriously. Never let people with small minds make you succumb to their deficit ideas and convince you that your dreams are big. There is a subtle difference between overlooking in the sense of not-seeing and conscious disregard which is seeing but choosing to ignore. The latter might appear as weakness, but ignoring implies judicious action- action in inaction. So feed happiness to your soul by practicing the act of ignoring the negativity. But to master the art of ignoring, one has to realize that the ultimate purpose of our life is happiness. The self-realization of that would bring an awakening and as a reflex a person would channelize his/her energy towards self-improvement and happiness. Remember, I meant self-realization and not self-imposition. Make your happiness a priority. Happiness starts with you, not with your career, not with your relationships, not with your money, but with YOU.

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