“The Law of attraction”

In the scorching summer heat with abundance of time to dally, I was pondering about the various ideas that rippled through my mind but wasn’t convinced to bring them under the same umbrella. The ideas though credible to expatiate were unique and fundamentally different. “The attraction….”, sounded the voice from TV and this was more than enough to help me decide on my topic and keep my thoughts and words flowing. “The law of attraction”, my subject of expression is a widely tested and credible principle which was widely publicised in the recent years by Western print media despite its existence for thousands of years. Vedic literature with its philosophical maxims is a standing example for my claim. Though I’m tempted to write pages I promise to keep this post as terse as possible.

Science has taught us that unlike charges attract, so does universe but with different polarity-positivity attracts positivity, negativity attracts negativity. Human minds are in a constant sync with the universe with our actions and thoughts deciding the likely outcome of the future. When the mind effeminates positivity, the universe conspires and invites positivity to you which in turn gets reflected in your daily life. You can convince yourself that it was an act of God you worship or the awakening of God in you, either way it’s happiness which results.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself as to why you find peace and solace in a place of worship be it a temple,church, mosque etc? I personally believe that when people congregate to pray and wish for good things to happen, it’s positive energy they effeminate and your like mindedness and presence amidst positive vibes will invite you the much needed mental peace and happiness, indicators of positive energy.

When you wish and pray good things for others good things happen to you, this is the simple relation between law of attraction and happiness. Despite attempt to derail your patience by immature people and naysayers, never give up on your practice of this simple principle. The best escape would be to “Ignore” (on which I have elucidated in my last post ), for your silence is loaded with answers. Many self improvement books and articles emphasise the importance of positivity and implementation of the “Law of attraction”, with the most popular one being that of Rhonda Byrne’s, “The Secret”. Celebrate yourself today! Refuse negative thoughts and focus only on positivity & happiness and enjoy the wonders it brings to your life. Your attention to anything is drawing it closer to you, so decide on what you want to attend to- positivity or negativity? Would like to end with a quote dear to me.

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”

Happiness starts with YOU.


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