“The love for Iron”

I still remember that day, the sound of distant thundering, dark overcast sky and deserted streets and alleys owing to the anticipated inundation. A day that changed my life a big way-physically ,mentally and emotionally. Ignoring the possible downpour, I rode to Talwalkars fitness studio in my new Royal Enfield classic 350 and signed up for an annual membership. Little did I know that day that fitness would change my life forever and here I am sharing the experience of my near 540 day journey and as to how it helped me to become a better person.

The first few months of gymming was a desperate bid to battle the loneliness and kill time, for my life was at its nadir cloyed with insecurity. In an effort to keep myself occupied, I was training twice a day with cardiovascular exercise in the morning and weight training later in the day. The change in me was evident and I felt better with every passing day. Brimming confidence and a sense of purpose and satisfaction justified the time spent at gym. I liked the person I was becoming.

It was then I met Kani, 23, a long haired, black tank sporting young man whose physique with a perfect balance between symmetry and muscle mass was something I dreamt off since childhood. His acquaintance gave a new dimension to my passion and I vowed to earn that physique no matter how hard the journey is. With specific inputs and knowledge on training and nutrition from him and many others I sweated out every day in gym, pushing myself to he zenith of my physical limits. While my body began to respond to the hard work, my mind sensed and responded to the positivity around me to which I was blind all along. I started enjoying the struggle and soreness for it was taking me closer to my dreams. I liked the person I was becoming.


An idle mind is devils paradise and with gymming I felt committed and found peace. This sport demands high degree of discipline which aids a person to not only build his personality but also his character. A better body, A better person and a better YOU. What started as an hobby became an addiction once I saw the results. In respect of the sport which was a salvation to me, I dedicate the following write up.

“In the wickedness of the moonlight path with hoods and tracks,

the heart pounds to gym to bridge it’s cracks.

MONSTER BEATS over ear, pain and sweat there to steer,

none can stop me for the dream is soo near.

With pain and struggle making my body sore,

Ain’t backing now cos I love it and want it even more.

Never alone and will never ever be,

Forever my love, the iron will be.”

The joy of a good workout is unparalleled, with a sense of pride that you are inching on closer to a goal no one can see, except you because unlike money, good physique is something you can’t inherit from someone, Its earned. It wasn’t easy and it will never be, It’s the difficulty that makes it special and worthy. I can’t recount the number of days I missed hangouts with my friends, skipped my favourite food etc, for which I was laughed at, but guess who is laughing now? Everyone sees the result but not the endless hours spent in the gym, sweating, screaming and enduring the pain. I can’t envision how my life would have been had I not set my foot in the gym that day. Whether you are lost, broken or sad, there is always hope and it is spelled G.Y.M.


3 thoughts on ““The love for Iron”

  1. Very well written Bhuvan! I have a blindspot that gym is for people who want to have careers where they need to build bodies, its not for me! I need to aim at what I want and start working towards it!

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    • Thank you Raj. Complements like these inspire me to write better and share NY experience. Find a hobby that would bring you happiness and enjoy the mental satisfaction it invites 🙂


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