“The journey of Rain and Train”

The continuous jabber, twerking seats, silver haired or baldy uncles sharing their life’s experiences voluntarily, hawkers pitching hard to sell their merchandise, floors littered with eateries which is noticeable to everyone except the concerned cleaning agency, few of my mundane observations of journey in Indian Railways. My usually jejune travel experience with Indian railways is unexpectedly turning out to be a pleasantry as I type. 

Sitting beside the widow I’m glued to the never ending parallel railway tracks to my right which though occasionally being shrouded by rattling rail cars, seems to be my only non human companion for the past four hours as it grazes my thoughts on the positive contours of my mind. With an orange flame marking the horizon, the torpid sun seems to be cocooned back to its home beyond the distant silhouetted mountains. The passing fields ploughed for harvest, cattles and live stocks being goaded by the Shepard, the smell of the distant rain, the verdant Southern plains, petite brick houses with their contrasting colours and features, goes forth my observation to which I was blind on all my previous travel experiences nor wasn’t interested to even give attention but suddenly they seem to satiate me with peace. 

It’s experiences like these that remind me that beauty of travel lies not only in exploring and unravelling the destination but in finding solace enroute to it. To my surprise I didn’t feel the urge to even pop a game in my mobile or read a book, yet I am enjoying the simple things around me. Nature can be your best companion and sometimes even have answers for deepest life problems provided you open your eyes to it. Happiness starts with YOU. 

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