“Peace with Past”

“The daring summer shine and the hot humid air,
my life soo still yet thoughts carried away by her pretty cheeky stare.
I woke up sweating and panting from the sleep, 
wanting to forget the tale of my fall into the steep”.

2yrs later….

I neither forgot the smile nor the events of the past but rather now I’m more happy than I have ever been by simply embracing and jetttisoning the past for my happiness. “Past, Peace and Present” are words that juxtapose each other for It’s not uncommon for a person to have some memories which shook him, changed him and forced him to be person he is of today. What happened in the past is irreversible but it’s a clear choice of perspective whether to succumb to it or rather build an empire with bricks of happiness and smile.

The past is similar to an artist’s pallete, wherein the different colours with varying shades, texture and composition can aptly be compared to the different memories and feelings, both good and bad alike. One may predominate another, however you can either use it to paint a beautiful life ahead or let it dry and parch out and finally render it worthless. 

  • The first bold step in this direction would be to forget, forgive and stop the passage of expectations. Cut the blame game for your own happiness and not because they are wrong.
  • Be bold enough to accept the reality. Your experience in life is everything. Your lessons, mistakes, highs and lows all make up who you are and YOU are responsible for your life.
  • An ideal mind is devil’s paradise. Keep yourself engaged, be it sports, books, or appreciable quality time with your friends and near ones. They can move the storm out of your life.
  • Accept yourself. Be the best version of yourself, you may not be of what others expect but you can’t be someone who you aren’t. So celebrate yourself.
  • The past should be a place of reference and not residence. Dwelling in the past would deprive us of the sanity to enjoy the present and it blinds us to colours of life. 

Someday we’ll forgot the hurt and the reason behind it, but rather regret the time wasted clinging and worrying over it. So, weather the past and enjoy the rainbow, life happens in seasons and get a lesson from each. Happiness begins with YOU ! 


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