“Money and Happiness”

“Money”, a word sure to catch anyone’s attentions and get the heads turning. From the day we are born until we shell a coin to the boatman in our last ride, money carries sense and importance. While the sane ones judiciously disregard it as mere paper, some worship or fear it and perhaps sometimes they are right for this 2.5 x 6 inch paper has toppled many governments, won wars, propagandas and importantly it’s an elixir to the destitute and the hungered souls. If the tentacles of money is so outreaching, is it powerful enough to drive our inner self and more specifically our happiness?.

I’ve always emphasized in my earlier posts that happiness is independent of materialistic possessions but saying that I believe that it feels lot more comfortable to smile sitting in a Benz than smile when being financially broken. Money gives direction and importantly the confidence to pursue your desires and sometimes even hold our heads high in society. When we turn our time into money then people will flog asking “can I have a minute”. The choices and opportunities are surfeited enabling a person to weigh his choices and decisions at a time of need. Would hate to generalize but Most of our modern problems can simply be fixed by being rich. It’s a big judgement and I wish I could agree with you, but pragmatically in the end we’d both be wrong. 

But there is a clear demarcation between the cost of happiness and the cost of your lifestyle. While it cost 0.00$ to be happy and be contended with what life offers, it costs to live the life of your dreams and desires especially when you have goals that are big. Money can’t teach you to be happy but the vice versa is very much practical and probable. For example what is the point of being a billionaire when you can’t have a peaceful sleep at night, it’s like feeling thirsty while swimming in the lake. With money comes greater responsibilities but a happy mind would empower us to enjoy the dearth and abundance of money alike. Happiness is purely self driven with the bliss attained being intangible however money can influence the way you wish to be happy but can never decide whether you are happy. 

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